2017 West Coast Here We Come!

We are very excited to be heading to the west coast at the end of the month. Seattle to Phoenix!

Visit the tours link on our web page to find the city nearest to you.

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of In My Tribe! L to R John Lombardo, Mary Ramsey, Jeff Erickson, Dennis Drew, Steven Gustafson, Jerome Augustyniak

Stay safe!!

We couldn’t do it without you. See you soon!

10,000 Thanks! Mary, Steven, Dennis, Jerome, John, and Jeff.


In My Tribe Turns 30 in 2017!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Holy cow, 2017 is the 30th Anniversary of In My Tribe!  In celebration of that milestone, we will feature many of those songs at our shows this year.  Rolling Stone Magazine ranked In My Tribe (Elektra) #65 on their 100 Best Of the Eighties list.  “The album gave us a great chance to really coalesce as a band,” said keyboardist Dennis Drew. “At that point we had to save our career and make a good record. We fucking buckled up, tightened our belt and did it.”

We couldn’t do it without you. See you soon!

10,000 Thanks! Mary, Steven, Dennis, Jerome, John, and Jeff.


10,000 Maniacs and the Jon Lehrer Dance Company!

We played last weekend in Cleveland, OH at the Music Box Supper Club, which is a delightful venue. It’s always a great time. The Cleveland audience is one of the best. They really enjoy their music!

We also had the wonderful opportunity to perform with the JON LEHRER DANCE COMPANY in Buffalo, NY at the UB Center for the Arts. WOW! What an incredible show. 1,700 people on their feet and the Lehrer troop flying through the air. Amazing! We added a 3 piece string section and played a few songs from our recent release, TWICE TOLD TALES, and they danced to Because The Night, Gold, These Are Days, and More Than This. We also periscoped the show, so watch out for more of that. We are in discussions with Jon regarding more collaborations in the future. Stay tuned!



So Long Summer!

We’ve had a wonderful summer traveling around America. There are always great people to meet and fun sites to see, when there is time.
This summer we played in Manhattan, Amagensett and Clayton, NY. We got rained out in Woodstock, MD. What storm that was! We also played in Lisle, IL, Clarence, NY, Napa, Oakland and Lake Forest, CA, Park City UT (WHAT A CROWD!) and Scituate, Beverly, Greenfield and Cape Cod all in Massachusetts. It’s been great fun playing with founding member John Lombardo again. We’re also dragging Jamestown, NY native, Amanda Barton along for harmonies, violin and acoustic guitar playing. We look forward to a productive fall. We’ve been working on some live recordings and we recently purchased an in-ear monitor rig, finally! We have some cool gigs lined up including a few holiday shows in December. Our agent is booking shows for 2016! Thanks for all the support.