“Full of atmosphere, atmosphere and reported accessible sound on “Twice Told Tales” traditionals of the British Isles, the album will stand the test of time – not only because of the 10,000 MANIACS.” – Music-Scan, Germany

Delightful album…fun, bouncy…” – Exclusive Magazine

“Their new release,Twice Told Tales, is a collection of British Isles folk songs, but with a definite 10,000 Maniacs spin to them. sweet and pretty…catchy and fun tunes” – Pop Culture Beast

“While many of the songs on this new album are over a hundred years old, the 10,000 Maniacs easily turn them into modern folk/pop gems with a natural sound” – JPs Music Blog

“10.000 Maniacs are back on the right track! What 10,000 Maniacs does with these traditional songs is breathtaking: some songs are upbeat songs, others are more emotional heartbreaking versions.” – Keys & Chords, Belgium

“This album, if given the right exposure, may prove to be a meth amphetamine folk album, bringing many into its spell and addiction, I know I’m hooked. With no UK tour dates listed on their site, this will continue to be a fix until I can see them perform it live. “Twice Told Tales” is an album to buy and breathe in deep.” – Fatea, UK